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A sunny disaster

Some mornings, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and sigh deeply. I cast a quick glance at the reflection and a million thoughts go through my head. At work I wonder how my colleagues can stand looking at me. I really should pull myself together. If not for myself, then at least for them. For the sake of the others, I should care more. I tell myself that every day. I try to make an effort. But the sleepless nights are just becoming longer, they keep on accumulating, and I’ve become an expert at telling what time it is based on the moonlight. Dawn comes earlier nowadays. I wonder if it’s okay to wear sunglasses inside?

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And he asked
Is it over now?
Deeply troubled
I stared
Yes, I replied
I believe it is.

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And then

In my silent prayer
Under breath concealed
Hidden from the world
In one last hopeful quest

Whisper barely heard
Yet voiced in despair
Please just let it be different
Please just show me
Someone cares.

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A void

The details are unknown
Yet the vague contours
Portray all
That is left to say.

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A reality

Image after image
A new board
Cluttered with sadness
Words of tragedy
Tears in disguise
All in a colorless world
That’s what I called it.

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The tormenting

I googled melancholy. The second after I had typed it into the search field I knew I was in for a downfall. You see, I sometimes push myself into sadness. I provoke it. It’s as if my brain says, “Hey, you know what we haven’t thought about for a while? Yes, that’s right, unhappiness.” Perhaps I should thank my mind for those subtle thought notifications. The same gentle reminder usually goes hand in hand with shedding some tears.

“Oh, your tear channels seem to have tried up. Let’s see, how about this for today’s cavalcade of waterworks?” Cue search result. 0,35 seconds. 28 million hits.

Thank you Google. Thank you brain. Now I’m off to write. And I purposely didn’t put any mascara on today.

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A Saturday

On a perfectly set Saturday
She confessed
He’s the only man she’s ever cried over
And he doesn’t even know
How heartbroken
She is.

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To understand

And suddenly it was all understood
Every single lyric
Every single crushed note
All the devastated tunes
With sadness sung
It all made sense
As the playlist
Of broken hearts
Eternally played
The same song
On repeat
A lonesome, monotone beat.

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I know it’s the circle of life
That what’s old
Has completed its path
But sometimes I wish it were so
That coming full circle
Was simply put on hold.

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An emptiness

I feel as if I’m empty now
No words to speak
No thoughts to plough
My heart still beats
Yet slowing down
Confused by walls
Built all around
I can’t believe I’m saying this
I wish we had never
Shared that kiss.

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