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Intoxicated, she spoke

I don’t want you to be a drunken mistake, he whispered. 

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At dawn

Do we have to beg
Is all that we’ve been told
Standing on a ledge
Cannot decide
Is it worth the fold
Tilted heads
Compassion side
We recall
Simple descent
We fall.

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It’s as if
Not deserving
For every time
Pulled back
When joy incited

It pains
When built up
Each splinter
In the end

Now closed
It’s not okay
Yet, forget me not.

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The door

Can you cover me in dust
Be heavy on my shoulders
Impoverish my strength
Refuse to grow older

Can you push me below
Be heavy on my skin
Ignore all the signs
Refuse to give in

Can you sink in deeper
Be heavy on my heart
Infatuate my feelings
Refuse to depart

It’s all quite simple
Be heavy and encore
Inciting no answers
Yet closing all doors.

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I am me
And I am fine
She is she
And she is divine
He is he
And most sublime
We are we
And ever so kind
How unlucky
And most unfortunate
That an us
We’ll never find.

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I can’t see the screen
For the blur has transcended
From a slight mist
To a most barricading fog
Its hazy gray makes no room
For the forgiveness asked
And I’m not sure
The sun’s rays will make their way
Through this blackened mess.

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The traffic

Can you stab
Once more
I waited
Yet surrounded
Driving in standstill
Red light, green light
No, yellow is not a color I like.

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The senseless

It’s the little things
But sometimes also naturally, the big things
Or the non-existent things
Nonsense yet full of sense
Oh dear, what an awful mess we’ve made.

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A how

I just needed a little help
A whisper left unheard
Can’t seem to forget
It’s all quite absurd

I have to admit
When asked, no reply
A choice made simply
By any passerby

I voiced with reason
Subconsciously of course
It’s all quite logical
When left with no choice.

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