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To whisper

He knew
Yet he didn’t
Because I told him
Yet I hadn’t
Because his words
My listening
Yet never the same.

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The worst

I think the worst thing is the waiting
For a message
A phone call
An appearance
A like
A comment
A nudge
A touch
A hello
How stupidly you just sit there
For a sign
That in most cases never comes
How you count the minutes
The passing of time
And that my dear
That actually hurts.

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Not right

He says
It’s fine
It’s okay
I never loved you anyway

As if
There was never anything
And the grammar
Was incorrect
All words faulty
From the start

She replies
It was indeed
An accident
I always loved you in the wrong way.

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For you

I push him to challenge me
But he just gives in
He accepts
I cross boundaries I shouldn’t
To provoke a reaction
He stays
And as I empty my last breath
I ask him
Why this unwillingness
To throw in the towel
And he bends
Only to look up
With eyes speaking words
More mighty than imagined
I believe that’s what he called it.

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To not

A presence
Like crystal dipped rain drops
Falling in cover coated blackness
Freezing on a midsummer’s day
The impossible
All I ask

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To declare

He called me princess
And I listened
I hadn’t let any other man call me that before
Because I simply couldn’t relate
Yet uttered from his lips
The name grew on me
For his kindness and well meaning
Were all entailed in that name

He called me princess
And I believed him
Slowly but surely I became
What he had always seen all along
My fear of living up to the name
Day by day slowly dying
For his encouragement and touch
Were all that were needed

He called me princess
And even though in the end
I failed so very miserably
To compare
The name will forever
Mean more than anything ever imagined.

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It went up
And consequently down
As life does
And then
Just like that
His heart stopped beating
For another
Yet to her

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The blind

I wonder
Is it
Her big heart
That scares you
How deeply she cares
For the world
Every lover
And you
You are but one
Of many
And I wonder
The fear
Does it hinder you
To see
How deeply she loves
No one
But you.

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To risk

You make me so insecure
Yet I hope
I hold on
I’m strong
Yet you make me weak
In my greatest moments
You hold my hand
In my weakest trips
You back down
And so I question
What happens next
When happens when I actually
Let go?

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And then

In my silent prayer
Under breath concealed
Hidden from the world
In one last hopeful quest

Whisper barely heard
Yet voiced in despair
Please just let it be different
Please just show me
Someone cares.

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