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To whisper

He knew
Yet he didn’t
Because I told him
Yet I hadn’t
Because his words
My listening
Yet never the same.

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For you

I push him to challenge me
But he just gives in
He accepts
I cross boundaries I shouldn’t
To provoke a reaction
He stays
And as I empty my last breath
I ask him
Why this unwillingness
To throw in the towel
And he bends
Only to look up
With eyes speaking words
More mighty than imagined
I believe that’s what he called it.

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The unknown 

Searching to define forever
It’s taking quite some time
Oddly enough
Seemingly an eternity.

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If infinity
Was love
Times a thousand
Then you
Would be
A cocoon
Of endless possibilities.

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A no

Good morning
No, I’m sorry

No, forgive me

No, this is not a love story.

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A hand

Cold hands
Warm heart
Broken pieces
Forever apart.

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Solid ground

With a broken finger
You promised forever
How awfully unfair
To seclude the other
From relevant fact
Of which forever
Was based upon
For who would
In righteous mind ever
Build a home
On cracked foundation
Knowing the first brick
Was the beginning of downfall.

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The two

Trims of lace
Trickles of sand
A promise of forever
Hand in hand.

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As never done before

You embed me
Wrap me up
Embrace me
Capture me, all of me
Every single ounce of me
As never done before by any other
You hold me
Lead me
Warm me
Share yourself with me, all of me
Let me in
Let you in
Accept, all of me
Every inch of forever
For that, I thank you.

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