To go

Before you go
Will you tell all
As was
Before you go
Will you keep close
As near
One last touch
Couldn’t we just
Stay forever.


In the end

The hardest to love
Is not the weak
Nor the strong
Nor the timid
Nor the wrong
The hardest to love
Is the one
Who does not believe
To be deserving
As heartbroken, shattered
The pieces scattered
Eyes closed
As if nothing matters
The hardest to love
Because lost
And despaired
Because left is no one
But one self

The door

Can you cover me in dust
Be heavy on my shoulders
Impoverish my strength
Refuse to grow older

Can you push me below
Be heavy on my skin
Ignore all the signs
Refuse to give in

Can you sink in deeper
Be heavy on my heart
Infatuate my feelings
Refuse to depart

It’s all quite simple
Be heavy and encore
Inciting no answers
Yet closing all doors.