From the roof tops above
I wonder
From the cobble stones below
I ponder
In this city
Where light is endless
Why does love still hide
In the most bizarre places?


To Paris

A story to tell
Of how it all began
A brave set of words
Changed the whole plan

Paris est magique
That’s what he wrote
His words remain hanging
As I step off the coach

To always be thankful
Of what I see
Even if blinded
By haze of misery

A walk along streets
Where art is set free
A concrete jungle
Of romantic key

A look up above
I lose my sight
I’m lucky to be here
A historical delight

To walk along rivers
And be met by color
Simple surprises
All signs of a lover

A world of creation
Where catwalks parade
I’m part of the process
Of fashion being made

The beauty itself
Cliché, it’s true
But each time I see him
I whisper I do

The city where I found love
And lost it again
Yet continue to believe
I’ll find it in the end

The highs and the lows
A missing gap
The dirty streets
With the fancy traps

Millions of people
They cross my path
Stories they tell
I’m baffled by the mass

A place where I can find
A comfort in being
Just alone
And simply seeing

It’s crazy to say
It strikes me each time
How a pure gut feeling
Meant a whole new life.

The escapist

Have you traveled far, Monsieur
For you look awfully tired
Was the flight perhaps delayed
Or did the train never arrive
Did your taxi leave you hanging
In the midst of rush-hour time
Was the service not of quality
Did the food leave you weak
Are your suitcases too heavy
Please sir, do have a seat
Your face is not of color
A glass of water, a cup of tea
Is there anything we can do for you
To make you feel at ease

Miss, the journey I have traveled
The hours I have spent
On sleepless nights
All my money dispensed
Nothing to do with others
But one
Excuse my color
I believe I’m drained
A glass of water
Will never ease the pain
A room for the night
Will do just fine
Completely torn apart
By this heartache of mine.

Admiration is inspiration

I look at them and smile
How can I not?
It’s beautiful what my eyes see
Few ever live it yet wish for it everyday
What they have, untouchable
Yet seen by even the blind
Felt by even the cold
No one is heartless when touched by enchantment
No one is ruthless when touched by a guiding hand
They’ve come far
And for their courage, strength and bravery, I admire them.