A how

I just needed a little help
A whisper left unheard
Can’t seem to forget
It’s all quite absurd

I have to admit
When asked, no reply
A choice made simply
By any passerby

I voiced with reason
Subconsciously of course
It’s all quite logical
When left with no choice.


10 thoughts on “A how

      1. Lovely surprise to see a notification from Rosebud!
        We do worry, you know.
        I mean, how can I report your disappearance?
        “I’d like to report a missing person.”
        “Erica what?”
        “Don’t know.”
        “Erm . . . Paris?”
        “Any distinguishing features?”
        “A penchant for poetry.” πŸ™‚

        I’m good. Still growing in the Manchester rain.

      2. In these uncertain times we might have winter next!
        Do you want to build a snowman? (Got that song in your head now?)

      1. Beautiful poetess never apologize just know that you are missed and your work is superb and we hope to see you back here because we love what you do – I know how busy life gets but just know you’re never forgotten lovely girl xo

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