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A camouflage

Whispers in my ear
As clown laughs
Such a joker
Attention of all
Veiled smoker
Oh please dear fool
You’ve already chocked her.

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A calendar

It was a day that she claims to recall vaguely. A day where the world had come apart and the skies had opened with torrential rain to grieve. It was a day that she had tried hard to forget, to categorize at the far back, in the darkest corner of her head. A day where the universe was against her and all of nature’s forces seemed to agree. It was a day where she had decided, then and there, to give up. And the only thing that her memory had registered was the precise feeling of failure and hopelessness. And of course, the few notes in her calendar: to give up on love.

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A mother

To remain sane
And offer sound advice
When all is breaking
The world unstable
I don’t know how she does it.

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Not right

He says
It’s fine
It’s okay
I never loved you anyway

As if
There was never anything
And the grammar
Was incorrect
All words faulty
From the start

She replies
It was indeed
An accident
I always loved you in the wrong way.

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