A hand

Like grassroots sprouting
The beginning of adornment
How to thank spring
A season changing
Without notice
And a hand
Grasping for another
All ever needed
A silenced gratitude
Reaching out
Accidentally on purpose.


For you

I push him to challenge me
But he just gives in
He accepts
I cross boundaries I shouldn’t
To provoke a reaction
He stays
And as I empty my last breath
I ask him
Why this unwillingness
To throw in the towel
And he bends
Only to look up
With eyes speaking words
More mighty than imagined
I believe that’s what he called it.

To declare

He called me princess
And I listened
I hadn’t let any other man call me that before
Because I simply couldn’t relate
Yet uttered from his lips
The name grew on me
For his kindness and well meaning
Were all entailed in that name

He called me princess
And I believed him
Slowly but surely I became
What he had always seen all along
My fear of living up to the name
Day by day slowly dying
For his encouragement and touch
Were all that were needed

He called me princess
And even though in the end
I failed so very miserably
To compare
The name will forever
Mean more than anything ever imagined.