From the roof tops above
I wonder
From the cobble stones below
I ponder
In this city
Where light is endless
Why does love still hide
In the most bizarre places?


13 thoughts on “Paris

    1. Oh, it’s been a month of festivities but I’m quite happy it’s over. The apartment next door is rented out on Air Bnb and it’s been crazy football fans after the other who don’t understand that French walls are thin and open windows facing the courtyard means sound travels.
      I’ll be happy to catch up on some sleep now!
      How are you doing? Any book news? What have I missed?

      1. Wherever we go we are at the mercy of our neighbours-great if you have good ones, but if not . . .
        What have you missed? Erm, we got a new student living with us, our first girl, from Switzerland. My daughter finally got me on Instagram, not sure how long that will last (said the same about WordPress three yeas ago!), by book you mean new books? There is an anthology out this year that I have a couple of stories in. The follow up to the first Northlore anthology of last year, remember that? The editor of those, whose publisher brought out my poetry collection, has been pushing for a novel. I’m half way rough the first draft of one. It’s time consuming, much more than poetry, and the problem is I’m not very disciplined and just do a chapter here and there. Kids finish for seven weeks in a few days so that will put me back further! Will be next year.
        I’ve been writing a few poems with half an eye on a second collection, but that’s in the future.
        How are you-it’s good to have you back!

      2. Wait a minute, Andy on Instagram? Goodness gracious! How is that going? Is snapchat up next? Pokemon go? I feel so very old now haha.

        Congrats on all the good news regarding your poetry! That is truly worthy of celebration. I think the discipline will come or you’ll just have to schedule writing hours. Any vacation planned this summer?
        I’m looking forward to mine late August (completely adapted to the French regarding the timing). 😉

      3. You’ve turned native and adapted to your French way of life now 🙂 Where are you going? I’ve nothing planned, just a few days in London coming up shortly.

      4. So, as I was saying…London 🙂 Yes I’m on Instagram! Linked it to my FB page so really I just post the same photographs. No Pokeman or Snapchat, though. I torment my teenage daughter about her Instagram and snapchat: “Have you snapagrammed today?” “Dad! I’ve told you! It’s not called Snapagram!!!” Yes, writing coming along. Did you look into the Lulu thing?

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