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To breathe

I can’t tell her it was expected
Can’t tell her it was time
Can’t justify
Nor find a valid reason
Can’t possibly explain
I just nod and hold her tightly
Agreeing it’s unfair
In comfort saying
Soon you’ll breathe again.

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To risk

You make me so insecure
Yet I hope
I hold on
I’m strong
Yet you make me weak
In my greatest moments
You hold my hand
In my weakest trips
You back down
And so I question
What happens next
When happens when I actually
Let go?

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A night

Can I die now
Because I feel as if
I’ve lived enough.

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And then

In my silent prayer
Under breath concealed
Hidden from the world
In one last hopeful quest

Whisper barely heard
Yet voiced in despair
Please just let it be different
Please just show me
Someone cares.

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Figuratively speaking

Remember last night
How she died in your arms
And never woke up
Was it worth it?

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A poison

It says
How to stop loving them
It reads
How to forget them
It states
How to move on
How to overcome
How to live again
Yet I translate
How to hold on
I write
How to love them
I misunderstand
And again
And all over

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I’m Alice

How to write tragically
While deep trance music plays
She says
It’s because she’s Alice
And it’s all in her head
It’s all in her head
And the melancholy
Transcends through the upbeat melody
Because sadness follows no tune
And even the happiest song
Can evoke the harshest memories.

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