Dear life

Just ruin me
I beg you
Tear me apart
Break my bones
Strip my skin
Because nothing
Could possibly be worse
Than the misery
You’ve already put me through.


8 thoughts on “Dear life

    1. Oh, no need to worry. It was just me being creative. It’s fashion week here in Paris and it’s raining cats and dogs as well as snowing and sometimes even a glimpse of sunshine. I feel the weather is slightly schizophrenic haha.
      How are you doing? Any adventures that I’ve missed?

      1. I would guess you are in your element fashion week, yes? 🙂
        Raining cats and dogs: ask me to make the sound of a cat…no we’ve done that before, haven’t we?!
        Nothing much to tell-haven’t posted as much lately as I’m approaching my three year blogging anniversary and I’m thinking of changing my blog a little, layout, my ‘About’ etc. I think the moody bird is going to go. The jackdaw header I mean, not the wife. She stays 🙂

      2. Oh, whatever you do, don’t change the wife! 😉
        Looking forward to your remake. Sounds very promising. Will you be changing your writing style as well or just the layout? Three years is quite some time!

      3. I know-how fast it goes!
        Think just the layout. The header, the About page. Maybe indulge myself and add a My Writing page 🙂 Posts will stay varied-I am conscious that different people followed after different type of posts, so I will continue to shake them up to satisfy all. Poetry, humour, local stuff, reflections, etc. It almost sounds orderly doesn’t it?!

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