A reality

We’re living in a city where the sirens are just a little bit louder
Hearts feel just a bit heavier
And the world spins seemingly just a bit faster
Direction unknown
Future uncertain
Eyes pry
And neighbor
No longer smiling.


17 thoughts on “A reality

  1. The world certainly feels darker and heavier at the moment. In my own community circle of friends and family, things are good and as they’ve always been, but it’s when we peer out into the extended circles. There is a lot of suspicion and negativity out there. You describe it well.

      1. ‘Neither of you wants a commitment in the early stages…’ That is true: we were best friends for 27 years until we got together!
        That is a good reading. Now I know we have chemistry. I always suspected she was after my money 🙂
        Thanks for this.

      2. You find them accurate for you? I remember (way back in our early blogging exchanges, when we were young and green) you asking me about astrology and my thoughts, etc.

      3. In theory I’m open to it. I believe everything is connected, and so can have a degree of influence on each other. Just wondered how well it applied to you, following it as you are.

    1. Nothing is ever easy and as life goes on, things tend to get more complicated. Or maybe it’s just the way we start thinking about stuff differently. I wonder if I can turn off the analytical part of my brain, if only for a day or two. All the best Sheldon! x

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