To let be

If it crosses my mind?

Yes, more than once. More than it should probably. But I don’t mind. Not any more. Because even though the pain lingered on for a long time, and it occasionally surfaces once in a while, I’ve gotten used to it. I can deal with it. I’m equipped, armored. The battle wounds haven’t quite healed and the scars are left as memories but I accept it. It’s become a habit. Although it may not be the most pleasurable one, I allow the thoughts to stay for a while, to meander across my mind in their own fashionable way. The difference now is that I know when to wave goodbye to them, kindly showing them the exit. And they leave.

So yes, it all crosses my mind now and again but it’s simply a crossing, not a battlefield anymore.


10 thoughts on “To let be

      1. Merry Christmas Erica 🙂 Busy day today, but a good day. Not happy about the lack of snow though! Lazy day tomorrow. Not writing anything, but plenty of reading. Good to be back in Sverige?

      2. Heading North by Andrew James Murray is okay 🙂
        Just read a factual book about Cartimandua, queen of the Brigantes tribe. I was interested as their territory is the north of England where I live.
        Fiction wise I’m about to start A Prayer For Owen Meany, which several people have recommended. A few even call it their favourite book, which is always a good sign.

      3. Oh, I see that my comment was cut short.
        I haven’t heard of A Prayer For Owen Meany. I’ll look into that one.
        I’m busy reading Fall Of Giants. Somehow I’ve gotten into the routine of only reading it on airplanes and so it’s taking awfully long to finish haha.

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