“You really have no emotions, do you?”

…I do, just none for you.


13 thoughts on “Blank

      1. Erica, I need to employ your help. The French student who stays with us is returning home next week, and I am giving him a copy of my book. I wanted to write him a message in it, in French, but I am not sure how accurate Google Translate is! So, if you are knowledgeable in French, or if you could ask one of your French friends could you give me the correct translation for: To Charles, wishing you luck in life. Best wishes from Andy. I can manage the Charles and Andy parts myself 🙂

      2. Haha, alright:
        Cher Charles,
        Je te souhaite que des meilleurs choses dans la vie.

        It’s more wishing him only the best stuff in life, makes more sense in French. How thoughtful of you to give him a copy. I will be ordering mine as soon as i’m back in Sweden for xmas!

      3. Thank you very much. You are my go-to girl when it comes to all things Swedish and French. 🙂 Thanks for considering ordering my book, I look forward to your take on it.

      4. Speaking of the book:not sure if you saw the post I Reblogged-think it was three posts ago. It was an online interview I took part in to promote the book, and if you comment on the post you are in with a chance to win a copy. There are only a few who are in the draw, so have a go you may get one without having to fork out. But you will have to get a move on-the winner is announced by the blogger tomorrow.

  1. Save your heart for me
    It’s not the emotion
    It’s the notion that he thinks
    That’s the problem
    Never taking the time to see whats beyond his heart
    Fat is the weight he’s wearing
    Never mind what’s left for you
    Just crayons and a coloring book for you
    While he’s eating chocolate cover cherries
    Save your heart for me
    The Sheldon Perspective

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