The unguarded memories
The moments that no one knows about
Because no evidence exists
Except for the picture painted when eyelids close
The recollection when a whiff of perfume transcends the air for a brief second
The warmth of a hand shyly reaching for another
The heart at ease, safely at shore
There’s not a single photograph
But in your mind
It’s as if it all happened yesterday.

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13 thoughts on “Untraced

  1. aramsey_poet says:

    I really hold tight to those thoughts of memories, sadly all too few.

  2. Andy says:

    Hi Erica,
    just letting you know the day is finally here! My book has been published today, and I’ve just posted links to it. The poems born in it from our inter-blog interactions are:
    Words On A Bridge;
    Words Unmet.

    Thank you for the encouragement and inspiration.

  3. razemiah says:

    So amazingly true – for the good and the bad. I believe it is truly profound how long a memory lasts. And how vivid the pictures remain. As always, I hope all is good across the sea. I really like this one.

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