To survive

I want the fairytale
And so much more
Glitter exploded
Happiness imploded
I want it all
And a little, encore
For the prelude never to fade
And the crescendo of love
To survive once more.


An act

It’s interesting
Watching her face fall apart
As he speaks each word
Each syllable
Eyelids drop
Then eyes widen
The extreme slowly appears
Her face
His words
Not a match made in heaven
But rather
A tragedy played in slow motion
And as the finale approaches
Cue tears
Cue falling to floor
Cue lights
Cue curtain fall
The end
Isn’t it peculiar
No applause.


Yes, we can spend hours talking
Walking all over town
Laughing at silly jokes
Quite the entertainer
Whom I highly appreciate

But you have no idea
That each and every time we meet
It’s nothing special
In fact I’m simply another
On repeat

And it pains me to say
Something utterly hurtful
But truth be told
I could have replaced you quite easily
Come yesterday.