A cliché 

To bathe in secluded moment eternally
Because well aware
One might never live it again.


5 thoughts on “A cliché 

  1. I’ve noticed that the number who like your work has increased-that means that more and more people are reading your stuff. Congratulations, you deserve it.

      1. The Jackdaw is always happy to alight on a rosebud 🙂 I’m good. Autumn and Winter my favourite half of the year so I’m enjoying it 🙂 Even been inspired to write a new poem (will post it on Wednesday as tomorrow is Hammer Chooseday!) so all is well with this dusky bird. 🙂 How are you doing?

      2. Ah yes, you are a cold season person, although your heart seems quite warm.
        Can’t wait for your poem! Can you give me a clue?
        All is well here. A bit more time on my hands and so writing has been prioritized which feels very good.

      3. Yes it is very seasonal. In fact, quite apt for this month. It is called November after all 🙂 That’s enough spoilers!

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