The dialogue



21 thoughts on “The dialogue

      1. It feels like a script… Set in a smoky hotel bar, maybe. Or an excerpt from a Capote novel. Good to see you branching out.

      2. I’m up for that-something arty. Or gritty. Not dodgy-best leave your friend with the nude males book out of it 🙂

      3. Well if we need a hero-type, it would have to be someone handsome, great presence, good physique. I’m willing to play the part myself. What you laughing at? This isn’t a comedy. What?

      4. Breaking News: Hollywood Actress Meryl Streep Rushed To Hospital After Being Hit On The Head With A Statue. Witnesses Say A Man, Who Appeared Intoxicated, Was Wrestled To The Ground As He Shouted “Wohoo I Fucking Knew It, Bastards.” We Will Keep You Updated.

  1. Have you ever read something feeling like you missed the most important part of the work: the meaning? Yes, you enjoyed, escaped, and indulged in the writing but somehow couldn’t grasp that underlying pivotal thing… That’s how I feel. Or maybe that’s the point. When your lost in dialogue?

    Perhaps, I just need some shut eye. Another great way to end my day – thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Read it again when sleep has given you some rest. You might find it lurking behind the phrases. I do understand what you mean though. Maybe it’s because it’s quite a short dialogue and so you have to imagine almost everything about the characters on your own. Appreciate your thoughts deeply, as always.

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