To simply lie
Curled up in corner
With wasted thoughts
Unnecessary opinions
Four cups of hot beverage
Too many yet too few
Isn’t it grand
On a Sunday like this.


11 thoughts on “Sunday

      1. Yesterday was our day of rain and bluster! The wheel turns, the seasons change. I love it really ๐Ÿ™‚
        Was wondering-did you look into Lulu Publishing?

      2. I stocked up on warm sweaters during the summer sales so I’m quite content with the drop in temperature.
        I looked into the Amazon option of publishing but I was put off by that I had to pre-layout everything in pdf format before uploading it. Can’t recall if I checked Lulu publishing. Do you recommend them?

      3. Lulu is who I went with when I self-published six years ago.think there may be a tutorial on there for you to watch, though not been on it since then.

      4. Anywhere in particular? After discovering the delights of your capital, the next place in my sights is Malmรถ, possibly next year.

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