Back to basics

It wasn’t supposed to be heartbreak. I was going to start writing happy thoughts, note down superlatives, exclamation marks, and joyous cries. It was all supposed to change. I remember being concerned. Could I possibly write about happiness? But then you convinced me. The you and I became something writeable. I wrapped my head around it and words flowed. Incited hope sparked creativity, daring to think that not only suffering leads to beautiful words put on paper. But isn’t it typical, as soon as one begins to understand and becomes accustomed to the newness of life, it all becomes yesterday’s news. And no one ever cares about old news in this fast spinning world of today. Yesterday is no longer top of mind, exclamation marked statements replaced with open-ended questions.

Is that a yes?
Perhaps a no?

I don’t know anymore. It just wasn’t supposed to be heartbreak. It just wasn’t…

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