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To wait

To put on ice
Because if right
Is just another shape
Easily frozen.

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To delete on repeat

I never imagined it to be so hard
That I would feel impeccably inadequate
An interiorized despair
Powerlessness and vulnerability
All exteriorized
When faced with a simple task
I never imagined the vocabulary above
All used in the same context
But life has an aweing way
Of provoking the averted soul.


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To blame

Last night
In bed
It all came over me
The urge to reach
And communicate
Cowardly I hesitated
Thus with regret
I awoke.

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If only

The waiting
Whether at doctor’s
Or simply at home
The oven
On the couch
Quite pointless
Watching paint dry.

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It all

If there was a longing for something more
Then here it is
In just a few sentences
Simple words
I want more
I wish for more than just this
I desire kisses past midnight
I crave sunrises in tandem
I want more
And all of you too.

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She said

It doesn’t come when we want it to. Yes, you know what I mean. Our happy ending.
We all get it, just when we least expect it.
Dear, rest assured, I promise, we all get our happy ending.

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