An intoxication

I wish for midnight texts
And drunken calls
For misspelt I love yous
And I’m sorries

For raised voices
And bodies pulled too tight
For imperfect kisses
And unforgettable fights

I wish for both extremes
And an overflow of caress
For pure, intoxicated love
At its best.


11 thoughts on “An intoxication

      1. I think we believe in passion. Possibly an all or nothing kind of stance on these matters – or perhaps, that is just me. ha

        One thing is for sure, I’m happy that you shared. The very nature of the post probably made for an easy writing session with vivid thoughts flowing through your mind. Yet, I could imagine this being hard to share with the world. AND I’m happy to read that you are no longer in a dark place (your remark was written in past tense). Because you deserve to smile. Nothing like a fellow visitor to help remind you of that. 🙂

      2. Your attention to detail is immaculate. All or nothing is where I come from and I try to apply it to all aspects of life, the degree of success varying.
        We all deserve to smile but it’s good to be reminded of it once and again. So here’s your daily reminder: smile my dear! Ain’t nothing more contagious in the world 🙂

      3. I truly believe, from the little I have obtained, that you are more successful than what you give yourself credit. It’s the little things that make it evident…

        And yes, agreed – even better to smile after a long day. I’m thinking it will bring some awesome, beautiful dreams. Just think, all of that started with a forced little smile.

        Oh Erica, keep doing what you do because it works. 🙂

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