As if

Because he leaves me with an open wound
Only to return
A few seconds later
And sprinkle grains of salt all over
And again
And again.

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11 thoughts on “As if

  1. aramsey_poet says:

    As if it wasn’t enough to stab you. Now with the salt! I know this feeling well.

      • razemiah says:

        True… It shouldn’t ever have to be though. I find it strange how long memories, events, and people stick with us – both the bad and the good.

      • Indeed it is quite strange. I think that I can handle and accept the bad if it means the good memories still remain. Wouldn’t want to be without memories completely:)

      • razemiah says:

        You are definitely a glass half full type of girl. 🙂
        On a side topic, I was thinking that it’s been awhile since you have done a photo post. You should do one when you get a chance… They make me want to take a week of vacation and hope on the first available flight out of the U.S. 😂

      • Will do.
        I’m unfortunately recovering from surgery at the moment but I do go out and walk a bit. I have some promising shots lined up just for you 🙂 Any specific wishes by the way?

      • razemiah says:

        Not sure of the reason, but I cannot comment on your last reply. Odd.

        I hope recovery went splendidly! I know how the energy can get zapped from the body during that period of time.

        As for the photos, I like being surprised. Generally, your posts cause me to either agree with the feeling or opens up a new perception or thought process that I have not visited (still agree with, just a different avenue of thought :] ) I’m really excited about the upcoming posts – I really enjoyed and felt the same on many of them…

      • You are such a bundle of joy and I love hearing your feedback and comments. It inspires me to write better pieces and push my creativity.
        Thank you so very much Jeremiah!

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