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A portrait

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To conceal

I couldn’t possibly pretend to be someone else
Yet here I stand, yet again
With a fake smile
Cried out eyes well made-up
Stains on dress covered by draped scarf
And bags
The bags under my eyes concealed
Not to forget
The suitcase packed just hours before
Behind a shield of make believe
And love
Or so I hope.

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A beautiful lie

That day when he spoke of my work
Having no idea it was mine
That day when he spoke of me
Having no idea I was she
And thus today
I wouldn’t even dare
To tell him who I am.

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A star

The more I long for it
The further it seems
A star in a galaxy
Five thousand and more miles away
I couldn’t possibly wish upon
Yet there I see it falling
And I wonder
What does one do
How can’t one
Why shouldn’t one
Wish upon a shooting star.

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A twosome

I do
I really do
Wish you
And beyond

And perhaps
If only
One step
To possibly

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A confession

There are words dedicated
To every man I’ve ever loved
Be it for a second
Or for an hour
Be it for a month
Or for a year
There are words written
To every man I ever loved
Be it for today
Or for tomorrow
Or for the man
Far, far away

So if it makes sense
If there’s a recollection
A memory
A feeling
A thought provoked
Consider yourself welcome
Be you forgotten
Or just arrived
For there are words for every lover
And the next
Who may come my way.

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An illusion

They say
Love does not simply disappear
But how does one know
If it was ever there
In the first place?

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