An excessiveness

You know that feeling
When you know you’re supposed
To be feeling
Yet you have no idea
What to feel?
Hate that fucking feeling.


11 thoughts on “An excessiveness

  1. Great street conundrum!
    Reminds me of one from childhood-
    If you notice, you will notice, that this notice isn’t worth noticing.

    Actually, it’s nothing like that. But I thought I’d share it anyway 🙂 And yes-I saw it on the notice hoard.

      1. How lovely that the sun made its way northwards. Quite the same here, although I trapped myself inside most of the day due to ordained bedrest. How are you surviving the kids being on holiday?

      2. Both my youngest kids have got Chicken Pox- a certain spot of bother (sorry, I can’t help myself). We had to cancel a new student coming to stay with us, after the one we had returned to Angola after spending nine months with us.
        Bed rest? hope it’s nothing serious.

      3. Oh no, the horror of never ending itching! At least they have it at the same time.
        Nothing too serious, just need to take it easy for a week or two. More time for writing and pondering about life (I don’t have even have a tv to watch!)

      4. Yes, at least they are not ill with it, just very spotty! Not even a tv to watch? For a bibliophile like me, I would get through a few books. And like you-write a little too. It’s in our blood 🙂 Follow the doctor’s orders-hole you are better soon.

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