For sale


11 thoughts on “For sale

  1. My eight year old daughter Millie was looking at this with me. She asked “Is that cat really for sale?”
    “Yes. How much would you give?”
    “Eight pounds or less.”

    Deal? Even better-I’ll swap you for the girl. Deal ?

      1. Rosebud: the English speaking Swede who lives in France and is going to Italy. You never fail to amaze! And yes-she can ask for pizza.

      2. Knowing her, about dinner time! What do you do-perhaps there is something she could help you with? How are you fixed for child labour?

      3. I think I could get away with the “bring-your-kid-to-work-day” excuse, possibly pass her off as a new intern. She’ll do swell in the copying room.
        It’s where we keep our food and drink stock so no worries, she’ll survive.

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