To forget

I sometimes forget that you’re real
What I loved
All of a sudden lost
Yet another love story
Full of clichés
You’re welcome
And I’m sorry
Words thrown
Picked up
To simply be
Pinch and a wake-up call
A crash, boom, bang
For in reality
Highly present
Tangibly aware
And too good to be true.


8 thoughts on “To forget

      1. I’m afraid the storm has come to us from the south. Just started pouring down, with thunder scaring the bejesus out of the kids! We had a fantastic one the other night,
        I was out in the garden watching it. Nature is phenomenal!!

  1. Love is never lost it just forgets to say good bye
    It can take a life time to find that special someone,never lose hope
    A heart that loves can never be broken

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