To forget

I sometimes forget that you’re real
What I loved
All of a sudden lost
Yet another love story
Full of clichés
You’re welcome
And I’m sorry
Words thrown
Picked up
To simply be
Pinch and a wake-up call
A crash, boom, bang
For in reality
Highly present
Tangibly aware
And too good to be true.

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8 thoughts on “To forget

  1. Andy says:

    Storm is about to hit here. Have a good weekend over there, Ms Rosebud. Keep writing 🙂

    • Please send storm southwards after. Dying of the heat here! 😦

      • Andy says:

        I’m afraid the storm has come to us from the south. Just started pouring down, with thunder scaring the bejesus out of the kids! We had a fantastic one the other night,
        I was out in the garden watching it. Nature is phenomenal!!

  2. sheldonk2014 says:

    Love is never lost it just forgets to say good bye
    It can take a life time to find that special someone,never lose hope
    A heart that loves can never be broken

  3. blondeusk says:

    Great poem 🙂

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