His words

The graciousness of your words
Make the world seem lighter
The ease of your speech
Leaves a craving for more
How the construction of sentences
The build up of words
Comes remarkably easy
To a beautiful soul
Is of no surprise
Yet to be taken aback
Each and every time
Fills my heart with warmth
A lust
For every single part of you.


19 thoughts on “His words

  1. To taste the desires of another. To feel the articulated revelations of thoughts once hidden. To be warmed by words kindled in the heart of another.
    May we all fall, deliriously, for such a poet.

      1. Of course, it should knock you right off your equilibrium, and become your all consuming passion for life. We can be the most conservative, ‘safety first’ kind of people, but when we pursue love, or that which we have objectified, we lower our defences, take risks, make ourselves vulnerable to hurt and rejection. You have to be a little mad to be prepared for all of that, but still… We do.

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