An escape

Poetry is an escape from emotion
And I can’t help but wonder
How many marathons I’ve run
And how many more will come
And why somebody hasn’t
Caught up with me yet
But then
Upon reflecting further
Realizing it’s my own escape
And the only one
Who can actually catch up
Is exactly who I am running from.


5 thoughts on “An escape

  1. For me poetry is emotion, emotion fires my poetry. Most of the time, though not always. Depends what I’m writing about! And yes, we can never escape from ourselves.

      1. And speaking of emotion, did you summon up the resolve to read my post? Got a tearful little girl on my hands at the moment 😦

  2. I love this piece running from one’s self is the great marathon
    I have been doing this for more years than I wish to count
    But you see the realization is half the race won
    As always Sheldon

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