Oh universe

I want to scream out to the world that you’re mine. That whatever it is we have is beyond amazing, I cannot even find the words to describe it. See how poor my vocabulary is. Oh universe, what have you done to me? 


7 thoughts on “Oh universe

  1. I echo that last line, but coming from a different emotion. Not sure if you saw my last post-but it seems I provoked tears in most of my FB community to which I shared it. Even a couple on holiday told me their waitress was crying too. It wasn’t my intention. But yes, the universe gives us the good and the bad. We must strike a balance in life.
    Good post 🙂

      1. Depends on how sensitive you are? I was just documenting, and being grateful for, a certain period of time in my family. I’m not really explaining it well, am I? Read it later. It’s just been a very difficult time, and people seem to have responded to it. Had about 120 shares, parents on the school run, old friends, etc. were stopping me in the street saying how much they cried reading it. It really wasn’t meant to provoke people that way, but I’ve been inundated with lots of kind words. People have been empathic in a real shit time.

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