A beauty

Have you ever seen yourself cry? Have you ever watched tears stream down your face? I’m sure you’ve felt them but have you actually caught a glimpse of them? It might seem ridiculous to do. And I promise, you do look quite hideous.

We’ve all seen another loved one cry, we’ve all felt the pain. Admittedly, we’ve all been there. The hulking, the wet cheeks, the running nose, the black mascara pretending to be blush, sometimes even lipstick.

I cried yesterday, all alone. I had felt it coming for a couple of hours and at a certain moment, I just let go. I’m not a ‘selfie’ person but after the initial stream, I took up my phone, thinking it might make a good picture. It’s crazy that even in my saddest moments I think of being artistic, discovering something pretty in unhappiness or maybe just a plain attempt at being a narcissist. I took five shots, one of which I actually look into the lens. I sent one to a close friend, asking if it was weird that I actually took a picture of this peculiar nature. She responded, “You are gorgeous. It is one of the best facial expressions I’ve seen on you.”

Although it hurts to look at the pictures now, I haven’t erased them. Maybe there is beauty in pain after all.


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