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Just when decided
To be no more
Fucking photo
Social media, you whore.

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An escape

Poetry is an escape from emotion
And I can’t help but wonder
How many marathons I’ve run
And how many more will come
And why somebody hasn’t
Caught up with me yet
But then
Upon reflecting further
Realizing it’s my own escape
And the only one
Who can actually catch up
Is exactly who I am running from.

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To demolish

I surrender
Wall demolished
I give in
Guard gone
I give you all of me
And what you choose to do
Despite a silent prayer from heart
Is entirely up to you
Up to you
And no one else.

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Oh universe

I want to scream out to the world that you’re mine. That whatever it is we have is beyond amazing, I cannot even find the words to describe it. See how poor my vocabulary is. Oh universe, what have you done to me? 

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To miss

And then one day, they’re gone.

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Bon voyage

The delicacy of touch
Longingly desired
To be exposed
A welcome
As fingertips
Incite an adventure
With open end.

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The goodnight

Most beautiful at sunset
Drowning in warmth
Of eternal liveliness
Aspiring to be
Never ending.

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An ultimatum

That moment when your heart takes you to places your head disapproves of…

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To break

I can’t have you on a distance
Because I do not trust myself
To keep my hands out of reach
Of something closer than you.

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