The saddest part

That time when my head was protecting my heart. But it didn’t work. You see, I cried. Yes, he was given some tears. Quite a few actually. Because when someone touches you in a way that no one has done before and then simply disappears, the heart cries. I cry. We cry, don’t we all? And now I can’t help but wonder: what happens next, if anything at all? Maybe that’s the saddest part of it all.


5 thoughts on “The saddest part

  1. I really like this post – perhaps it resonates a chord in not so distant past. And of course, it’s alright, in fact, healthy to shed some tears to free your mind and soul of negativity possessed in multiple forms. I truly believe the sooner you do so, the sooner that beautiful smile comes back.

    Last night, I talked to a random girl on the street about love, life, and the pursuit of both. I think, in part I lifted some of her pain and she helped me dig deep — it’s okay to fall apart for a short bit. Simple statement with such deep complexity (ha, reminds me of the theme of most of your posts).

    Erica, I hope the world is treating you fairly. Odd how easy it is to get lost in such a big place within such a small world. I guess it’s time for me to go dance in the rain while it is still pouring. It has been to long.

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