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A photograph

I have this fear that if I don’t see them anymore, it’s as if they’ve never existed.

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A fish

When he walks away
His body turning
Back at an angle
Yet his eyes tell me
This is not a goodbye
Merely a continuation
Of more than a beginning
Be it mesmerizing or downfall
The moment leaves no time for judgment
He has won.

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Noted memories

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A permission

If he told you to pull the trigger
Would you?
My question holds no judgement
It’s mere curiosity
Trying to be stilled
A comprehension
For a love sincerely enveloped
Perhaps I am jealous
Perhaps I am clouded
By misunderstanding mislead
Perhaps, simply put
I am not in love
And therefore
We might all agree
I am not permitted
To speak.

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A greeting

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A worry

When bullets burn
And fires parade
What do you tell the children?

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The saddest part

That time when my head was protecting my heart. But it didn’t work. You see, I cried. Yes, he was given some tears. Quite a few actually. Because when someone touches you in a way that no one has done before and then simply disappears, the heart cries. I cry. We cry, don’t we all? And now I can’t help but wonder: what happens next, if anything at all? Maybe that’s the saddest part of it all.

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