To the boy

I know it’s not
What we thought
It would be
But my body aches
From all of our mistakes
Our souls are wounded
From words exploded
Our lips are sore
From apologies galore
But for every make up kiss
Only hours after bliss
It all starts over again
A you and I pretend
Still there’s no way to ignore
You’re the boy
The boy whom I heart breakingly adore.

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14 thoughts on “To the boy

  1. I’d love to have someone who felt that way about me, such a simple and sweet poem 🙂

  2. andy1076 says:

    The same goes both ways, I assure you. We give something away knowing we’ll never get back and we still hope to be whole again :-/

  3. “Our souls are wounded…” this carries such beautiful weight. I loved this poem…
    Makes me wish I could start all over again…with anyone…

  4. mahmoodsadaat says:

    Lovely, and nostalgic to the core 🙂

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