An obsession 

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11 thoughts on “An obsession 

  1. prospermind says:

    Wow, pretty!! 🙂

    • By the way, what an awesome blog you have! Love the combination of poetry and photography in one post. Very inspiring!

      • prospermind says:

        De rien.

        Thx, what a wonderful compliment. 🙂
        However the photos are not mine unfortunately, they’re all from different artists I found on deviantart. I think I should finally get to it and add their links to the posts… it’s gonna be a whole lot of work finding all those artists again, that’s why I’be been keeping pushing this off to another time. 😀
        Many thanks again, it’s a great compliment to be an inspiration to others! 🙂

      • There’s still an element of creativity in finding the right images to go along with your words. Next step would be taking your own pics 🙂

      • prospermind says:

        I guess that’s true. 😉
        Hmm… you’re right, that would be the next step. However it would be a huge step backwards during which I would trip, then fall down on the ground, desperately trying to get up on my feet again but really just making it all worse by patheticly rolling around in the dirt and getting my clothes all dirty until I would be out of breath and just give up and accept the fact that I would have to lay there for ever in my own filth… or something like that. I’m horrible with a camera. 😀

      • Hahaha practice makes perfect! just saying 😉

      • prospermind says:

        I know, I know.. 😛

  2. andy1076 says:

    Beautiful shot 🙂 we have a few of these here in the city too, it’s a very gentle beauty 🙂

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