Do you?

Do you love him
Or is it just the thought of him
Which comforts you
Each and every night?


7 thoughts on “Do you?

  1. Sometimes the reality falls far short of the ideal.
    That is why they say you should never meet your heroes. Who’s yours, may I ask?

    1. Very intelligent reflection. It makes a lot of sense.
      I have no idea who my heroes might be. I’ve been thinking about people whom I admire but I do not know if I can give them a heroic status. My spontaneous answer was Superman but that’s just because it’s a nickname for a favorite person of mine. So no hero, at the moment. Who is yours? Help me out in my reasoning here 🙂

      1. From my youth my heroes have always been creative people:writers, poets, songwriters. Maybe hero is too strong a word. Perhaps I should put it this way:it is always the wordsmiths and lyricists that I have admired. The ones who have interested me the most along the journey.

      2. Ah, yes, I have admired those creatives too (still do of course). I always find it amazing how new phrases and stories can be written from words put together, not to mention the various places stories can take you. Do you have a favorite author or creative?

  2. Erica, Erica:the questions you pose me! How long have you got? 🙂
    Well I’m always discovering new people, or searching for new people. It’s never ending but that’s part of the fun isn’t it?
    Songwriters wise I will stick with the three who I’ve listened to the longest:John Lennon, Jim Morrison, and Jeff Buckley.
    Poets-at the moment (!) I like Kenneth White (maybe not as well known but he writes about places and things that I like. It’s what speaks to you, yes?!. I’m currently reading your countryman Tomas Transformer, as I call him.
    Authors:I grew up loving Stephen King and James Herbert (I was a young horror buff) but have not read them so much in my later years. On my Goodreads profile I have listed George Mackay Brown (I love Orkney and all his stories are based there. If it wasn’t for my familiarity with the place would I still enjoy the books?) and Nikos Kazantzakis. From Crete, his writing style is dated now, but his books concern spiritual struggle, which I enjoy.
    I have to mention Harper Lee, because she wrote my all-time favourite book, which I return to every few years or so.
    I’m still searching. At the moment I’m working my way through Truman Capote’s works since I enjoyed his Music For Chameleons.
    That was a bit long winded wasn’t it?!

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