A night

A night out of
Darkest dreams
Can’t find the light
In a mind incomplete

If stars were shining
Perhaps an ease
But black are the shadows
With nothing seen

Eyes orientating
Accustoming is hard
Waiting for day
An eternal task

At edge to break
The dawning of day
Yet all you wish for
Is a voice to say
I got your back, kid
It will all be okay.


18 thoughts on “A night

  1. You know, I’ve never seen Casablanca. Just watched my first Bogart:The African Queen. And I’ve recorded Sabrina. I have a thing for old films. Anyway, (sorry for the diversion), nice poem 🙂

    1. Old movies are very interesting to watch, not only from a historical or cinematic point of view, but also to actually slow down. Notice that everything is much slower – the filming of sets, the speaking, the action- all is allowed to take its time. A patience drill nowadays if you compare to recent movies 🙂

      1. You are right. A lot of movies today are special effects driven-whereas in the old movies story and acting came first. I often relax at night watching an old b&w film. And yes, I may wear slippers 🙂

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