A calculation

Would you multiply our love
Subtract the ache
Add the broken pieces
Divide what has been lost
Fraction out the tenderness
Find the limit when approaching zero
Only to discover
We’re no mathematicians
And the limit
Does not exist.


7 thoughts on “A calculation

  1. I have read this about 25 times and still love this little piece of math and poetry.

    At the end, I always think to myself, “that’s what they said about i ” You know, that thing about imaginary numbers. They essential exist from the relationship mathematicians had with math: Still wishing to compute something that is not deemed as “real.” After all, how can one take the square of a negative number? You can’t…
    Unless the rules no longer apply and it is just you and ‘i’.

    Maybe, just maybe, the truest math lover can make any limit exist – at that point, the abbreviation can be ‘u’

    1. You are such a romantic at heart. I love your contemplation and reflection. I am also very flattered that such intelligent words can come from a piece I have written. Thank you!
      I do believe you have a point, the truest math lover most definitely will make any limit exist, whether it be in life or in an imaginary world. Have a beautiful day Razemiah!

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