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I kept every scent of you
Bottled up inside
A treasure chest
With only one key
And I waited for your hands
To unlock the discovery
With every touch
A closeness to me
A golden key
That’s what they call it
Or love perhaps
Which ever sets you free.

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A night

A night out of
Darkest dreams
Can’t find the light
In a mind incomplete

If stars were shining
Perhaps an ease
But black are the shadows
With nothing seen

Eyes orientating
Accustoming is hard
Waiting for day
An eternal task

At edge to break
The dawning of day
Yet all you wish for
Is a voice to say
I got your back, kid
It will all be okay.

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The words

“The real secret of this treasure chest is that, in one way or another, everyone has a story to tell that includes a rose.”
–    Danièle Graule

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Curled up
In corner
Countless whys
What ifs
Curiosity killed

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To surrender

I’ve surrendered
To a numbness
Commonly known as
The decadence of decay.

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A goodbye

Quite sad but true
With every goodbye
You learn something new.

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“It’s all in your head, Alice. It’s all in your head.”

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A hesitation

Empty keyboard
Pen held back
What to write
When only thought is
Fuck that.

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The blind

And I loved him
I loved him
I really loved him
I don’t think you understand
Please, sir, I loved him
Please, just listen, just look
I promise, you’ll see
I loved him
I still do
I loved him
And now I’ve abused the word
A thousand times
So please, I kindly ask
Dear sir
To understand
I loved him

Yet I’m capable of it no more.

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An addiction

In a drunken moment
The love overwhelms
If I’m addicted to you
You ask
I think it’s quite clear
When my lipstick
Has wandered
And my hands
Are on a voyage
Far from rehab.

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