A star

The funny thing about signs written in stars is that they appear when you least expect them to. And should you choose to follow them, who knows how many enchanting moments might come your way. So tomorrow, look up, and pick wisely. There’s a wonderful path aligned above.


7 thoughts on “A star

  1. I agree. The subject reminds me of some lines I wrote about how it took my wife and I twenty five years of friendship (beginning in primary school) before we finally got together:
    An innocence denies the stars/Of whom the heavens first laid claim.
    You’ve spoke of astrology before, I recall, among the many things we’ve rabbited on about 🙂

    1. Oh, such beautiful words.
      I am a strong beliver in astrology and, as you have probably realized, this piece was heavily inspired by precisely this. It’s funny what we chose to believe in, be it spirits, gods or stars.

      1. I remain convinced that there is a spiritual element to life, so everything is in response to this. Including the beautiful words and images you create on here. As above, so below.

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