A rose

From a rose just bloomed
Would you give me petal?


5 thoughts on “A rose

  1. What a conundrum this question is! The thing is this-when I am out with the kids I tell them not to pick the wild flowers they see-for I believe that they should be left for everyone to be able to appreciate their beauty. But then, in denying you a petal, I am surely making a statement about your worth to me? A rose petal for Rosebud? Decisions decisions 🙂

    1. I like the way you think, Andy. I agree with your reasoning regarding flowers in the wild. You could escape the denying petal issue by simply taking me to see the rose. That way its beauty remains in nature but your intention of showing worth becomes very visible. How about that as an idea?

      1. That is ideal, and still makes me out to be a budding (pun intended) romantic. Let me know when you’ve got your walking boots on 🙂

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