A doubt

Solidly anchored
Accustomed to few
Worthy of something
Yet have no clue.


4 thoughts on “A doubt

  1. This post brings me back to one week ago. Sitting in a touristy bar in Jamaica, I was talking to the bartender. Thoughts shared about the must-do things and exploration of the city of Ochos Rios (where I currently was at). Then, the conversation began to shift: goals, hardships, hope, heartache, and passions. I began expressing my fear of the future of my life… as I recently graduated from college and I was still searching for a career that would satisfy the next few years of my life. Likewise, my bartender expressed how she was looking for change – looking to leave the place she called home. Except, for her, she struggled to follow this dream. She came up with the normal excuses… money, education, and ability. Mostly, she deemed herself incapable, unworthy to achieve these dreams. I doubt my words of encouragement changed her stance, but I hope it had an effect on her outlook. That would have made me very happy.

    Likewise, I agree with Andy. Erica, you are worthy in all the areas of life we seek. Love, hope, adventure are truly in our grasps. Once again, I find myself in the same position. I am only a stranger located across the ocean. Someone you will likely never meet. I still hope these words have a slight positive impact.

    Anyways, enough of my sentiment. Another great, thought-provoking post for me to read. Hopefully, today I will be able to experience weather above freezing. 🙂


    1. Dear Jeremiah,

      Your words bring warmth to my every being. Thank you! You might be a stranger but at the same time you are not. For you spend time reading my creative words and you spend time sharing thoughts such as you have above, and strangers rarely do that. I’m sure that your words had an effect on the bartender’s lookout, if not at that very moment, perhaps in the future. I think that’s the beautiful thing about words, their powerfulness and their ability to act and be remembered many years afterwards.
      Keep on spreading your encouragement. I try to do the same.
      Appreciate having you around, dear stranger! 🙂

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