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A gift


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Homeless warrior
Where goes your heart
As darkened nights
Dull the sky

Which lights to rely on
To guide one’s soul
As stars ponder absently
No hand to hold

I send a light
A universal love
A message disguised
For heart to walk.

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The most beautiful black
Was the color she wore
When the cavalry rose
To power the worthy.

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A mistake

If it were merry
Then let it be
Wouldn’t want to interfere
In portrayal of faulty misery.

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A heaven

And I see you in every sparkle
Every piece of light
May you always shine
And even brighter
Til day
Til we wake
Til we again say

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The battle

Tell me a story
Of love and loss
Where two worlds collided
As a war was fought

What did you learn
How far did you go
Is your heart still healing
From the battle of sorrow?

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I’m sorry

I ran out of words to say
And then silently walked away.

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The universe

Love me again, she said
And prayed the universe would capture her words
And make their voyage
To the person most deserving.

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