A game

It’s a game we play
Both you and I
Aware of the rules
Unspoken but true

When I tread right
You quickly follow
With careful steps
Yet emotions swallowed

When you ignore
I respond directly
Backing off
My feelings disrespected

In limbo land
This all plays out
A game we both
Can’t live without

But time has come
To admit I’m through
I’ve hated this game
From the moment I met you.


8 thoughts on “A game

  1. ‘In limbo land’ and ‘A game we both can’t live without’ could also apply to relationships/friendships of the twenty first century-conducted over social media. I read it again with this in mind, and you could be speaking to someone over FB or, dare I say it, a follower over WordPress.
    I only called you a tiger! 🙂

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