Tell the children

John likes apples, cut in pieces
Oliver hates bananas, no trying needed
On school nights there’s homework
Sit with them and lurk
They will enjoy your presence
While learning their lessons
On weekends there’s dance class
For the youngest sass
Don’t forget the soccer game
No, you don’t get to complain
The cat likes tuna straight from the jar
I store it right behind the kitchen bar
Avoid the mall on Saturdays
Make sure Livia stands up straight.

I know you know all of this
But I love to write it down on little lists
Because if you’re reading
It means you’re grieving
It means I’ve been gone
For a while, perhaps long
But worry not
I trust in your plot
Tell the children I love them
I’m watching from heaven
Until we meet up above
Promise to find love
You deserve a guiding hand
For your heart to expand
One last thing
I left my ring
Yes, I owe you a golden medal
For surviving this hellhole.


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