To find

I find you there
There you stand
As a broken man

I look to you
You a stranger
As an unknown

I feel a presence
Presence of hurt
As you fall to the ground

I let you fall
Fall deeply down
As I cushion your landing

I don’t expect understanding
Understanding why
As I pillow your wounds

I walk away
Away from you
As you turn your head.


10 thoughts on “To find

      1. Must beware of lampposts πŸ™‚
        Actually someone told me the same thing about Manchester some years ago. To appreciate a place you need to raise your eyes.

      2. Family baptism today for my little niece Ruby Sue πŸ™‚
        Enjoy Brussels-I can’t keep up with where you are! I’m going to secretly place a tracker upon your person. Not as a creepy stalker but in a nosey voyeur sort of way πŸ™‚ Enjoy your Saturday too.

  1. Don’t walk away, he just realized that he was not alone.
    he turned around,
    she was already gone,
    at night, as he tried sleeping,
    he could smell scent of her hair,
    unfamiliar, yet soothing,
    tears escaped form corner,
    making space for memories,
    yet unborn but imagined.
    He closed his eyes trying to imagine who she is.

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