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A wall

To stare at walls
Colored in memories
And expect to feel fine
That’s my downfall

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An outline

He traces the outlines of her tattoo
Wonders why
The story behind
The cover up
A scar
The past
To move forward
But to never forget
Outward sign of inward battle
Where does he belong
In her story
As a scar
Or piece of art
Time will tell
She replies
If their love survives.

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The end

Will it ever end
Oh but darling, would you actually want it to?

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A body

I’m shaking
Because I’m breaking
Because I don’t want to go
I’m aching

I’m crying
Because I’m weakening
Because I don’t want to fall
I’m bleeding

My heart
My body
My pain enwrapped

I’m leaving
Because my feelings
Because my end
I’m fleeing.

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Someone new

My heart breaks
As I see your face
Your longing kisses
It’s been weeks

I turn my cheek
As your kisses seek
Another me
Another she

I feel as a thief
For letting you believe
I was her
Yours eternally

And as I tell you
That I forgot you
That I’m sorry
We’re part of history

I watch your heart shatter
A millions pieces scatter
A divide greater
Than anticipated

My heart knows
I’m a fool for letting go
But you deserve
A better she.

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A drifting voice

“I just want someone to look at me and say that I’m the greatest person they’ve ever met, that they want to spend the rest of their life with me, that they finally have found love, that I’m worth every tear, every confused love, every embrace, every everything of nothing…”

“Oh but darling, they will.”

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The one

Six ways I knew he wasn’t the one:
Yeah, I had no fucking clue.

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If she did it on purpose
How to know
Quite simple
The she was I
Hidden behind her.

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His walk

How he walked
With feet so light
As if the air swayed him forward
As if the earth pushed him above
What use is being grounded
When stars are but two footsteps away
A jump ahead
Go on, little one
Make your way.

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