To Paris

A story to tell
Of how it all began
A brave set of words
Changed the whole plan

Paris est magique
That’s what he wrote
His words remain hanging
As I step off the coach

To always be thankful
Of what I see
Even if blinded
By haze of misery

A walk along streets
Where art is set free
A concrete jungle
Of romantic key

A look up above
I lose my sight
I’m lucky to be here
A historical delight

To walk along rivers
And be met by color
Simple surprises
All signs of a lover

A world of creation
Where catwalks parade
I’m part of the process
Of fashion being made

The beauty itself
Cliché, it’s true
But each time I see him
I whisper I do

The city where I found love
And lost it again
Yet continue to believe
I’ll find it in the end

The highs and the lows
A missing gap
The dirty streets
With the fancy traps

Millions of people
They cross my path
Stories they tell
I’m baffled by the mass

A place where I can find
A comfort in being
Just alone
And simply seeing

It’s crazy to say
It strikes me each time
How a pure gut feeling
Meant a whole new life.


5 thoughts on “To Paris

      1. 🙂 Of course you will, that old maxim like attracts like comes to mind. You really are courageous to move countries like you do, it indicates a strong and independent woman. It is my pleasure to be able to follow your journeys from afar.

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